Types Of Canine Enrichment: Infographic

dog with toy

Dog behavior problems often appear in dogs that are bored and have unmet needs. If dogs are bored they will often partake in behaviors that we usually label as ‘bad’. This includes digging, barking, whining, chewing, destructive behaviors and more. Providing our dogs with canine enrichment can reduce these unwanted problem behaviors and improve the general well-being of our dogs.

This infographic is a brief introduction to the types of canine enrichment. It is important to note that your dog is the only one that can determine what is enriching for them. If an activity isn’t increasing your dog’s behavioral well-being, it’s not considered enriching. Just because an activity or toy is labelled as ‘enriching’ doesn’t mean it will work for your dog. Try many different activities to see what gets the best results for your dog… and in turn, for you.

types of canine enrichment



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