Meet Our Golden Retriever, Jorga

July 9, 2021




“The Paper Shredding, Everything Eating, Goat Princess, Spazmanian Devil Who Eats Lego and Licks Metal”



I love going out for walks… just being outside and able to see all the sights around me.  This is something that I have always adored… so much that I would do burn outs on the floor, almost making holes in the floor cause I was soooo excited to go out and play or go for a walk… see other dogs… and – wow, I sure have rambled for a while…

I also really enjoy chaos! Nothing too out of control, just mischievous and evil enough to keep my people on their toes. It gives me attention – which I LOVE – and I get to watch them be panicky about how I’ve “chewed their favorite toy” or “eaten important paperwork” that they “needed”.  If it was sooo important, why did you leave it out in the open under your “compuper”, huh?

I just really like to have fun, even though I sometimes go a little too fast for my humans to keep up.  I just run circles around them while I wait for them to finally be ready.  They sometimes think of me as  “annoying” which is fine with me, because, when you’re “annoying”, you get their attention and… oh, wow, am I still talking???… 


I do NOT like the water, wet grass, dirt, mud, being alone (I feel much better when my people and my brother, Ollie is home)… oh, I almost forgot… I HATE THE CAR!  Oh, that thing makes me so anxious and then I start to drool… and sometimes other things happen with my body which I won’t share here… but it then sometimes means I have to have a bath… and, did I mention that I hate water??


Any toy my brother doesn’t steal from me!  It seems like every time a find a toy Ollie is right behind me and stealing it!  One toy I do like is sticks… and Ollie doesn’t seem as keen on those… so that’s a win win for me!


Ehh, anything that can fit in my mouth… I’m really not that picky!  Certainly if someone wanted to cook me some meat… or make some homemade treats… I wouldn’t complain!  Hint, hint…


Oh, that’s easy…. underneath the trampoline in the backyard. There’s always lots of shade under there since the trampoline is huuuuge! And remember my love of sticks… there are lots of these little sticks under the trampoline… I think my humans call it “mulch”… I like to call it “snackables”!  

Yup… all in all, one of the best paradises I’ve ever been to… a 5 star resort for sure!  Oh, and the bunny that comes to the yard never knows that I am there so it makes for a fun game of chase… only thing is I never win!


There were… uh… plenty of moments in the car, which… I do not wish to talk about!  Those moments will forever remain a mystery wrapped in a riddle… then wrapped in an envelope of a riddle.  Pretty sure that’s how that saying goes… anyways, I’m just not sharing.  Cars… *whine*


Any time I get to spend with my brother and our human “boy” (a.k.a our “human brother”). Even when he got upset with me for chewing his toys, I still love him soooo much… him and Ollie both!  Definitely some of my favorite memories…


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