35 Unique Gifts For Dog Lovers… And Their Dogs

gifts for dog lovers
July 16, 2022

Dogophile… a lover of dogs. I didn’t actually realize there was a term to encompass the group of individuals that so many of us fit into. I imagine, outside of yourself, you have another dogophile in your life. Dog lovers are more likely to share an abundance of photos and stories about their dogs… and many of these dogs will have their own social media accounts. Their loving canine friend is likely the focus of their day to day life… with many choosing to live with a dog rather than having children. So… if you are looking to purchase a gift for your dogophile friend and don’t know what to buy, it’s likely a safe bet to pick up a unique dog related gift that their companion will enjoy… or that will be something they can add to the already number of doggie decor items in their home. Check out our list of 35 unique gifts for dog lovers:


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Do you have a dog loving friend? Or perhaps you are one that loves everything D-O-G? Do you have a favorite dog related item on this list? Mine…. the Furbo!

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